Thursday, 29 September 2011

Week 1

Form Fitting And Dart Manipulation 

 Our first lesson aloud us to get familiar with the female and how dart manipulation within a garment can create a completely different fit.

Process 1 involved covering a female mannequin stand with spot and cross paper using only cello tape so it was possible to fit the paper as snugly as we could.  

The next step was to draw several cut lined over the paper molding and the more lines you added the harder it would be.

After we were happy with the cut lines, out came the scissors and the paper molding was cut up into a jigsaw puzzle. 

After tracing the pieces onto spot and cross paper, added seam allowance and had some sort of idea where pieces went, the task was to see if it was possible to get it to fit back together. After a while the dress emerges back as how we had drawn it earlier, but because there were so many pieces the task was harder than was anticipated.

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