Friday, 25 November 2011

The start of the End

 Now we have finished all our workshops, work has commenced on making our final structure.

Below are the first stages of production. Firstly using the technique from Week 1, taping paper round a mannequin to get a paper shell of the shape.

I then wrapped cling film over the top to allow me to start on the top layer. Taping a spray can, tissue packet and cello tape reel to the mannequin, i then applied the same process of tape and paper.

Below is what the final shape looks like from side and back view. i love the curved side seam as it makes it seem that the body is arched to create the shape. In order to keep the coat on, i needed a bit of material to go to the back where i am going to create an elastic structure.

Cut up pattern pieces

Traced pattern pieces with seam allowance

 Pattern layout on interfacing

Finished pattern piece but because i had a layer of PVC and the Interfacing, i pinned the two together round the edge so it would be easier to sew.

Below is one half of the coat. Outside and inside. I think using the black PVC makes it look great, a bit like upholstery for a car, but it was so hard to sew especially round the tight curved seams where i ended up with a few puckers!!!!! :(

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