Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Taking Form

Now that i have the 2 front pieces of the jacket made, i put them back on the stand with the oversized zip pinned in to see how it would sit. i love the effect and the stiffened black PVC really add to the effect where the light bounces off the lumps and bumps. It reminds me of 2 things, a leather car interior/pumped up balloon about to burst.

The above images show the elastic structure at the back of the garment.

These images show the progression of the draped back. The image to the left i love as the pleated/folded hounds tooth material created a wonderful line sweeping down the side of the body. 

 The above picture really shows off the garment so well. Now fully draped at the back it looks much more interesting and tactile. I'm really happy with the outcome, Now i just have to sew it in place!

Blue Binding
Black Binding


Tough decision isn't it!!

Inside of Jacket where drape are pinned


  1. hey mate!!
    lop you designs so much especially those drapers of the back garment!! love rock fashion dear..;)

  2. This is fab! Love love it. Reminds me of Gareth Pugh. Would be great if you could visit back! Izzy xo

  3. I love that caged look. It looks great